OWO, DFK, RO – the NSFW slangs intercourse employees used to market their services explained

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Finally! Your guide that is handy to the essential difference between your A-Levels and a Girlfriend Experience.

Since since the beginning, sex-workers experienced to count on slang and abbreviations to market whatever they provide.

Well, our fuzzy guidelines help that is don’t.

At present, it is totally appropriate to be always a sex-worker – the work of trading cash for intercourse is perfectly fine – you just can’t that is‘solicit public.

There’s no real concept of what meaning so an accumulation ciphers, codes and cryptographs worthy associated with the Da Vinci Code are what we’ve needed to count on to market everything we provide.

A number of these date back once again to whenever postcards had been put into newsagent windows and phone containers.

Other people have actually sprung up because the internet made sex-work easier, easier and safer.

So listed here is a beginner’s guide to a number of my slangs that are favourite.

Girlfriend Experience

It’s SEX whatsyourprice! It’s… intercourse.

It’s every thing you’d do along with your partner, your gf, your boyfriend, whatever.

It’s the fundamentals; it is hugging, kissing, licking, blow jobs, hand jobs, oral, penetration.

We can’t actually place it more just than that.

Although once I first began, and hadn’t were able to research these things, we had simply emerge from a relationship in which the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ suggested picking right up their jeans and whining about their mom.

Porn Celebrity Experience

Identical to the Girlfriend Enjoy, just louder and much more costly.

We pull more faces that are exaggerated state, ‘Oh yeah, oh god yeah!’ a lot more, because porn has taught you that is exactly exactly how sex ought to be done, appropriate?

Honestly, then you deserve to lose the extra money if you’re the kind of idiot who thinks a penis in a vagina can be anymore magical than it already is.

Deep French Kissing.

That’s proper, snogging just isn’t immediately within the Girlfriend Enjoy.

I might constantly state it had been discretionary, as I’ll do not have vehicle with green teeth or halitosis.

Arriving during the home with a sore that is cold your lip means a one-way solution to your blacklist.

Oral WithOut – essentially oral without security.

It’s fairly common because no-one likes the flavor of latex.

Reverse– that is oral straight straight straight down on the supplier. Certainly one of my favourites!

For several you naysayers around, great deal of individuals genuinely believe that intercourse employees are about providing.

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Not too – I’m definitely about taking.

It surprises some individuals to discover that we additionally have intimately pleased. It would be said by me’s just courteous.


There’s no chance to place this in a far more courteous means – it simply means ‘anal’.

Yes, it requires to be specified whether or not it is offered or perhaps not – and quite a few civilians don’t realize that intercourse employees come making use of their own list that is‘don’t.

A-levels had been appropriate towards the top of mine.

Exit just. Don’t touch the chocolate starfish. Keep my balloon knot alone.

You might perhaps maybe not do me up the s***ter.

We, nevertheless, have actually a 12in strap-on that is black your title about it.


Cum In Mouth / BareBack Blow Job To Completion.

Two various acronyms for similar intimate motion of blowing your love-shake into somebody gob that is else’s.

Once again, always better to take a look is offered first as a start working the cock usually offends.

The strange and wonderful acronyms of intercourse worker slang could be a minefield, made difficult by an extremely hard appropriate framework surrounding marketing solutions.

Nonetheless, it’s constantly better to always check a sex worker’s do’s and don’t list.

If there’s one thing you particularly would like to try, phone and ask – don’t just assume all things are provided.

Similarly, if you’re unsure of just just exactly what such a thing means, they shall be very happy to explain.

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