Please be respectful of the next-door next-door neighbors, this consists of keeping your campsite without any clutter and trash.

Be courteous of loud noises and smells. Please use designated trash cans for trash and trash that is disposable. Peace and quiet is a prompt 10:00pm to 8:00am.

General Inquiries

Where may be the town that is nearest?The closest city is Idyllwild, and it’s also about 8 miles from Lake Hemet. Anza is roughly 18 kilometers through the Campground. Hemet is about 24 kilometers. Palm Desert is 31 kilometers. Temecula is 36 kilometers.

Can there be a supermarket nearby?The Lake Hemet Mark et is found during the entry into the campground. Chain food markets and department stores are situated in Palm Desert, Temecula, and nearby Hemet.

Where may be the gas section? that is nearestThe closest gas station is hill Center more or less 4 miles from Lake Hemet; Spirit Fuel. It really is located in the intersection of Highway 74 and Highway 243. Anza even offers two filling stations on Hwy. 371; Circle K and Mobil. Please keep in mind when traveling to Lake Hemet to fill your vehicle’s gas tank before leaving an important metropolitan area, as a number of the regional filling stations within the hill areas are closed by 9:00pm.

Can campers have visitors at their campsite?Yes, nonetheless they will need to pay the . When your site visitors end up relaxing into the environment that is peaceful surrounds Lake Hemet, enjoying the clean hill atmosphere and bright starlit sky, and decide to stay after dark time utilize check out time (sunset), they’ve to pay for the real difference for instantly camping. In case your guests started to visit you through the summer time they’re not going to be supplied use of the Splashing Eagle Swim Zone. That swim area is just for overnight camping visitors.

Boating Questions

Are ships examined upon arrival?Yes, it really is a continuing state Law that most ships needs to be inspected for Quagga Mussels before starting in Lake Hemet. It doesn’t matter whether your watercraft happens to be on dry land or perhaps not, whenever it goes into the Campground an assessment is mandatory before going into the water. Your motorboat must certanly be clean, drained and dry. Any dampness is a instant failure regarding the Quagga Mussel Inspection.

May I introduce my boat that is own and duration of ship is permitted? what kind of boats and motor size are permitted on Lake Hemet?Yes, you are able to introduce your boat that is own it should be no less than 10? in length and also have a minimum beam width of 3?. We enable fishing boats for sale, motorboats, rowboats and kayaks from the pond. We don’t allow inflatables of every kind. Machines may be two or four shots; nonetheless, the rate limitation in the pond is 10 miles per hour, and 5 miles per hour within the marina.

May I bring my kayak that is own or to Lake Hemet?You may bring your own personal kayak. In the event that you intend on bringing a kayak it requires to be 10 foot in total or much longer. We enable canoes loaded with an outrigger. We don’t allow boats that are inflatable sailboats, or competition ships regarding the pond.

Are sailboats or PWC’s allowed on Lake Hemet?No. We don’t allow sailboats or watercraft that is personaljet skis) on Lake Hemet

Fishing Concerns

Do i want state license to fish at Lake Hemet?Yes. Anyone 16 years old or older that is fishing shall have a valid california state fishing License (except on state “Fish for Free” times).

Just how much is a fishing license?For any relevant concerns you’ve got regarding CA fishing permit rates, regulations for the state of California please see Sport Fishing costs and information

Where may I obtain a State Fishing License or annual permit?You may obtain a Fishing License or license at our Lake Hemet Market found during the entrance into the Campground.

What kinds of seafood come in Lake Hemet? Which are the limitations for seafood caught?Trout, Bass, Blue Gill, Catfish. Trout could be the only seafood we stock. The restrictions are: Trout – 5, Bass – 2 (min. 15?), Bluegill – 25, Catfish – 5.

How frequently is Lake Hemet stocked?Lake Hemet does our personal personal trout stockings solely from Mount Lassen. We stock four times per 12 months from November through might.

Does Lake Hemet enable evening fishing?Yes, you might fish at night in the shoreline of Lake Hemet until 10:00pm if you’re overnight camping with us. There aren’t any boats/kayaks allowed in the pond following the marina closes.

Which kind of real time bait is permitted in Lake Hemet? The only reside bait allowed in Lake Hemet is nightcrawlers and red worms.

Does Lake Hemet sell fishing bait?Yes, you will get bait, fishing tackle, and lots of other fishing things in the Lake Hemet Market as well as the little marina shop.

May I fish by the no that is dam? there’s no fishing permitted near or by the Dam. Ships must remain no less than 100ft through the Dam. Nor will there be access towards the Dam by foot or car.

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