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From competing with a gym trainer that’s trying to catch the same Pokemon you’re after, to answering quiz questions correctly to avoid having your Pokemon’s stats debuffed, and more. I can’t really attest to the Pokemon Shield exclusive gyms yet, but the Pokemon Sword exclusive Fighting and Rock Type gyms were particular highlights for me. It’s a shame that the last two gyms in the game felt more than a little subdued in comparison to the rest – but if absolutely nothing else, Gamefreak nailed the experience of challenging the gyms this go around. Since there’s a special emphasis on the Gym Challenge this time around, the story makes an effort to have the various gym leaders be – well, actual characters!

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In fact, the shrunken Pokedex size is actually one of the most compelling elements ofPokémon Sword & Shield. While some series staples still managed to find their way into the game, team composition feels much more open than it has in previous titles, from both a casual and competitive standpoint.

Towns, much like routes, don’t have much going on – many of them are little more than a gym, a Pokemon center, and a building or two. Again, this wouldn’t be a problem, but especially later in the game every town has a gym, so you don’t even have towns that lack a gym to make up the difference. In the end, the lack of scale makes the Galar region feel much smaller than Gamefreak probably intended. “Less than the 3DS games” probably sums up most of my thoughts on the game as a whole. Obviously I haven’t talked about the elephant in the room of the games cutting most of the Pokedex this time around, but the reason for that is simple – it’s the least of Sword and Shield’s problems, frankly.

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Gym leaders actively participating in the plot was one of my favorite things about Pokemon Black and White back on the DS, and Sword and Shield follow in that game’s footsteps here. The gym leaders aren’t just cooped up in their gyms, and you’ll even see many of them out and about, doing things to move the plot forward. Maybe it’s not a huge bar to clear, but I appreciated it nonetheless. As for the rest of the game, your main objective – or, rather, only objective – is to follow along the route for the Galar Region Gym Challenge. If the Wild Area had either been expanded just a little more, or if it was part of the game in addition to dungeons, I wouldn’t have any real problems with it.

You set foot in it very shortly after receiving your starter Pokemon, and it really opens things up for party composition from the word “go”. There’s never been a Pokemon game with this much team variety so early on, and it’s one of a few truly great additions to the game. Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first 8th Generation Pokemon games, and the first truly new titles to hit the Nintendo Switch. So, what does the game bring to the table to showcase the new platform and the new price point? The latter type, undoubtedly, are the ones that are harder to review.

Rather, the problem I have is that despite the cuts, and the higher price tag, I have trouble determining exactly where the justification for either of them comes from having actually finished the game. There are bits and pieces of the overall experience where I saw potential that Gamefreak could build upon, but none of the game rarely goes further than laying down these ideas. Instead, the primary post-game content is wrangling Gigantamax Pokemon from Max Raid Battles, which are essentially the game’s answer to catching the various legendary Pokemon from other games in the series.

Pokemon deserves better, and I don’t think that’s greedy to hope for. For all the good that the Wild Area does, it looks ugly at the best of times, and downright unacceptable at the worst. Honestly – don’t even bother trying to play the game online when you’re in the Wild Area, as the framerate suffers immensely. More than that, I experienced frequent stutters and hitches whenever a character model for another trainer would load into view.

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